"No Matter How You Hang Em"

"Need Curtains?... Discover Some Curtain Ideas To Find The Perfect Style, Color, Fabric & Design That's Just Right For You"


Searching for curtain ideas is now easier than ever thanks to the Internet! The Internet opens up a whole new world of convenience and refreshing advantages. Now you will be able to sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy browsing for that perfect window curtain design you've been longing for.

Don't worry, we will walk through this together! Just think of us as your personal window covering companion. It is our goal and mission to be one of the top online "how-to-guides" for YOU so you can choose the perfect valances, drapes, and curtains which fit your every need and desire.

On every page you will find valuable information, tips, resources, and inspiring ideas for making, choosing, buying, and hanging window treatments, drapes, and window valances with the best in style, color, fabric, practicality and cost effectiveness.

Your curtains and drapes are an integral part of your home decor! (Trust me, I have seen curtains make or break an entire room!) It is our hope that this site will expose you to a variety of unique ideas for your windows, which may give you the "aha!" moment you have been longing for.

We certainly understand those times at which a decor change is in order, and we want to help. Perhaps you just moved, purchased some new furniture, installed new carpeting, or simply need a new updated look for your windows. Admit it, it's time   to get rid of those old, drab, outdated curtains and window treatments...they just don't cut it anymore! Haven't we all been there?

Why do a costly, time consuming make-over like re-painting, wallpapering, stenciling, putting up borders etc., when you can get a refreshing new look for your windows by simply replacing your existing curtains, drapes, top treatments, or curtain hardware.  So many ideas and products to choose from... decorative curtain rods made from brass, wood or rod iron; or finials, tie backs, swags, sheer window coverings and shades...etc.

Well, you get the picture... use window curtains, valances, curtain hardware, decorative rods, and cornice boards to bring out YOUR distinctive personality and creative design genius! We all have the ability to generate unique ideas in us somewhere, it just needs to be brought out.


As you begin your hunt for curtain and window treatment  ideas, you should keep the following principles in mind:

Remember the basics in design--color, line, texture, form, and space

THEN, add these individual elements to the mix--cornice boards, unique curtain and window treatment hardware, window valances, and decorative curtain rods. You'll be amazed how much of a difference these simple elements can make to new or existing window treatments, curtains, and drapes.

Pay attention to the purpose your window serves and what side of the home it is on. For example, north and east side windows get less light, whereas south and west get the bulk of it. Therefore, factor in how much light you want in each room based on this. Since each type of curtain fabric has different light diffusing qualities, you need to decide which type best suits your needs. For example, you may want curtain fabrics with more energy efficient qualities on the sides which get less light to cut down on heating costs.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg as you will see. By browsing through the pictures of window curtains and treatments our merchants provide, and the information we provide, you will clearly see the numerous ways available to spark the decorating genius in you!

Although shopping in your local stores gives you the advantage of seeing and touching the actual curtain and window treatment fabrics before making your choice, it IS very time consuming and costly...driving from store to store, finding parking, dragging the kids around with you, fighting the crowds, finding the perfect curtain but not the color, size or fabric you wanted... etc. All of these can turn a wonderful creative activity of crafting the perfect window curtain and window treatment design into a stifling chore.

Online it is refreshingly different... thank goodness! While not being able to physically touch the curtains, the selections are much wider. (Keep in mind if you don't know what a particular fabric will feel like, THEN take just a quick jaunt to your local store to check it out!) You will also get much more information online with detailed descriptions of the fabrics, colors, textures, prices, and availability of the various ideas you come across. And, of course, if you do not like the curtains and window treatments you purchased, returns are so much easier!

We have endeavored to bring you the quality brand name stores you are probably familiar with which will give you the greatest selection of the best and most up-to-date styles of discount curtains, drapes, window treatments and window coverings.

We truly hope you enjoy your online search for ideas for your curtains and window treatments and finding the right curtains and window treatments for YOU. There is a lot to choose from and consider. But, "no matter how you hang 'em" we will help you choose the perfect elements that can make your windows the best view possible!

So, go get a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and enjoy creating your inspiring dream decor.














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